Using Flower Essences in Treatments

budha flower essences

There are several ways you can use flower essences in your treatments. Traditionally they are taken orally: 3 or 4 drops under the tongue or put into a glass of water to dilute further, especially for children or people who don’t like the taste of alcohol (these essences are preserved with brandy).

With prescription essences they are normally administered 3 or 4 times a day for effective treatment. This range of essences can be used in that context if required….alternatively therapists can order essences for their clients.

When treating clients it is really beneficial to “push” the appropriate essence into your client’s aura. To do this you can put some drops onto your hands, rub them briefly and then literally push it into your client’s aura from the head downwards; alternatively this can be done in a specific chakra area if desired.

Another way to use them is to literally drop them onto your client….in their hair…on specific chakras…or all over. With massage work it is easy to add them to the oils.

Most Therapists will get a feel for how they want to use them, but it is important to know that there is no need to physically take them…they are just as effective used as an energetic vibrational aid which will still rebalance emotional states and helps to promote a positive mind set.

Flower Essences are subtle…but don’t be fooled by that, they are a very effective energy therapy, best used over a period of 2-3 weeks. They change mind sets allowing change to happen emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.