Trinité Holistic Therapy Prices

Reiki Session 1 hour €60.00
Crystal Therapy Session 1 hour €60.00
Flower Essence Session ¾ hour €60.00
Composite Treatment (Reiki, Crystals & Essences) 1½ hours €75.00
Flower Essence (personal prescription). Made up and sent by post €30.00 *
Flower Essence Products  
Sacred Space Cleansing Spray 100ml Normal price €24.99 plus P&P
Launch offer less 20% €19.99: saving 5€ Plus P&P
Therapist Blend Essences 30ml:  
Individual Bottle €10.99 plus P&P
Full Set of 8 Bottles €84.99 plus P&P
Display Bag for the 8 Essences €34.99 plus P&P
Launch Offer: 20% off a full set of Essences with Display Bag €95.98, saving €24
Personal Prescription 30ml Made up and sent by post. Including European delivery €30.00
Book price on Amazon
"Flowers For Your Soul" Kindle Book: £4.99
"Flowers For Your Soul" Paperback: £15.99
Back Massage (¾ hour of massage time ) 1 hour €60.00
Indian Head Massage ½ hour €35.00
Foot Massage ¾ hour €40.00
Full Body Massage 1¼ hour €75.00
Full Body Massage & Reiki 1½ hours €80.00
Hot Stone Massage 1½ hours €80.00

*This includes European postage. Prices on request for postage to the rest of the World.

These prices are the normal rates we charge, however I will always treat people in need and who cannot afford these rates. Please contact me for further information.

Our therapies are not a substitute for conventional medicine and anyone with pre-existing medical conditions should always refer to their General Practitioner before undertaking any complementary therapies.

Trinité Holistic Consultation and Consent Form