Complementary Holistic Massage at Jardin Fleuri

Trinite Holistic Massage - Dordogne FranceHolistic massage is a gentle massage; it does not involve hard deep tissue techniques. It is designed to make you feel calm and relaxed, to loosen stiff and aching joints and to leave clients with a sense of well being. It can be offered on its own or combined with Reiki or Crystal Therapy. This is a very valuable form of complementary therapy that is reassuring, detoxifying and nurturing.

We can recommend the use of a range of essential oils depending on age, gender, emotional state and time of day. Before commencing a massage we need to ensure that clients do not have any medical conditions, allergies or intolerances that may require further discussion, so we ask everyone to complete a consultation form.

You can download a copy of our Trinité Holistic Consultation and Consent Form, complete it at home and bring a copy with you to save time on the day.

We offer full body massages, back massages or just feet. We can also offer massage in combination with other treatments. Holistic massage prices are listed on this web site.

In France holistic massage is regarded as a non-medical.

Massages are not substitutes for conventional medicine and anyone with pre-existing medical conditions should always refer to their General Practitioner before undertaking any complementary therapies.