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Our attitudes and choices in life affect who we are…they can also affect our health and wellbeing, by taking Flower Essences we can re-balance and re-set our attitudes to be more even and in line with our true selves. This has the effect of working like an emotional preventative medicine.

Historically Flower Essences have been “in-use” since the human race first walked the earth….Aborigines were known to have selected specific flowers and taken the dew from them in the mornings…and although I do not use this technique for gathering my essences today, the process is not so very different.

There are many producers all over the world making Essences these days, but for the lay person it is a complete minefield; what essence do I need? I hear you say!

It is all very well reading about what specific essences are supposed to do but is it an essence that your emotions, physical body, mind and spirit actually need? Very often we are not best placed or objective enough to select an essence for ourselves and in my experience people generally need at least 3 or 4 essences, sometimes many more.

By connecting energetically and dowsing for the essences it takes any emotion out of the selection process. You get the right combination of essences your body needs on all levels…emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. So, if you want to change your outlook on life, become more positive, get over a painful experience, require some emotional support, need help copping with a stressful situation, or to re-balance yourself… contact Claire Walkiden today for your very own Personalised Essence.

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For your personalised flower essence please complete the form below and I will blend a mix especially for you. This includes a 30ml bottle of personalised essences and a list of the essences that were included along with an explanation of their properties.

The price is €30 euros which includes delivery to any European Union Country. For addresses outside the European Union please contact me for any additional delivery charges. I do not need any alternative Surnames, ie if married more than once. Mandatory fields in the form are marked with a .

flower essences online

If you want to have an essence made up for someone else, I need their specific permission to do so, ie an e-mail from them requesting it. The only exception to this rule is requesting an essence for your unmarried children.

Flower Essences are not a substitute for conventional medicine and anyone with pre-existing medical conditions should always refer to their General Practitioner before undertaking any complementary therapies.