Flower Essences - Healing Spa Treatments

Flower Essences - Alternative Healing Therapies - DordogneFlower Essences were brought to the attention of modern day healers by the work of Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936). They are one of the earliest forms of “healing tools” known to man. There is recorded evidence of them being used by the Egyptians and many indigenous peoples such as the Native Americans and Aboriginal races.

“Disease is a kind of consolidation of a mental attitude and it is only necessary to treat the mood of a patient and the disease will disappear.” – Dr Edward Bach

Dr. Bach produced his 38 essences by two methods; flowers placed in water and exposed to sunlight and the boiling method. Many essence producers today still use these methods however essences are now created from many sources and in many ways and you will find essences made by the moon light and at special times of year and by human intention. Since Dr. Bach’s death many other ranges of essences have emerged from all over the globe.

Essences can be useful for people of all ages and states of health. They are also valuable, non-intrusive tools for self-healing and development. Some practitioners work solely with essences whilst others work with them as an adjunct to other therapies.

Flower essences are tinctures of flowers, trees, crystals and vibrations held in water and traditionally taken under the tongue, rubbed on pulse points, placed on the meridians and chakras, added to a bath or sprayed in the air or around you. These tinctures are non- addictive and self-adjusting (that is they energetically adapt themselves to the individual taking them). Their energy helps us emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to understand, acknowledge and develop a self-understanding of ourselves and support us whilst we make necessary changes to the way we behave, the way we think and make the most of the opportunities we have in life.

When to use Flower Essences and what to expect

The various situations, circumstances and issues for which essences can be used, are numerous; just a few of the more typical ones are Upsets and Traumas, Tension, Lack of Confidence, Times of Change, Challenges and Problems, Concern and Worry, Despondency or Sadness, Focus and Direction, Inner Guidance, Relationship Issues, Providing Protection and Recovery from illness.

It is important to remember, however, that essences never change us from what we are already.  Rather, in resolving unhelpful emotions, beliefs and thinking, positive qualities are enhanced and we resonate to a higher frequency enabling our true selves to shine through.  Also, as essences have a general balancing effect; one can often notice unexpected improvements or enhancements often occur.

Reaction to vibrational essences is usually a very individual one, dependent on disposition, one’s stage in life’s journey, level of spiritual development and awareness plus the issues involved.  Changes are often subtle but most people soon notice a difference even if it is just feeling more like themselves again.  Deep, ingrained problems, however, may require several treatments over a period of time, so be patient!

A very rare occurrence during the first days of taking an essence treatment is a ‘healing crisis’.  This may involve symptoms worsening such as increased awareness or expression of emotions and strong feelings such as irritation, anger or crying.  Any physical condition already present may also temporarily worsen.  Healing crises are seen as evidence that treatments really are working but, if you are concerned, do consult with your practitioner. 

Essences are totally safe to use with children and animals. Indeed proof that essences are not simply placebos probably lies within the success essence practitioners have had in treating both of these groups for a wide range of conditions.  However, they should never be used as a substitute for seeking medical or veterinary advice when needed.  Essences can be safely taken with medicines or homeopathic preparations.

Information by courtesy of the British Flower & Vibrational Essence Association

Flower Energy by Claire Walkiden

Since 2010 Claire Walkiden has been producing essences and has developed a range of traditionally made sun essences which reflect the process that she herself has been through during the last few years.

The belief is that you can't make an essence unless you are in that state when you make it, Dr Bach indicated the same when he wrote about his essences. With that premise, the range of essences that Claire has made cover the time from when her mother became terminally ill from cancer through to creating her own holistic business in a different country. As you can appreciate this covers most of the basic human responses from worry, fear, guilt, grief, anger, depression, anxiety, shame, self-esteem issues, inter-personal issues, lack of direction, isolation, spiritual issues, releasing old mind sets, re-discovery of self to name but a few. The essences Claire made have enabled her to move on to creating her own business and find a peaceful new way of life for her and her family.

Flower Essences are not a substitute for conventional medicine and anyone with pre-existing medical conditions should always refer to their General Practitioner before undertaking any complementary therapies.